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What KASUGA KOHKI CO., LTD can do for your corporation.
We will identify one of the most efficient methods you agree to,
considering all methods to be considered instead of you.

"We do not know which cutting tools we should choose."
In such cases, please let us know the details of your processing as possible as you imagine.
Collecting as much information as possible instead of you and selecting one of the best tools from a large number of tools in the database of manufacturers, we will propose the best ones. We confidently believe that you will be able to process just as you have imagined with the tools we will choose.

Processing technology is the life-line of the manufacturing industry.
KASUGA KOHKI CO., LTD supports the manufacturing of our customers.

It is one of the most important factors that cutting tools which determine the quality of processing precision have an influence on not only the manufactures' quality but also the manufactures' cost-performance. What we can do is that we hear your problems, then identify the point at issue and provide appropriate ideas to solve them. In this way, we can support the customers providing the most efficient methods.

Corporate profile

Company name KASUGA KOHKI CO.,LTD.
CompanyFoundation October 1, 1952
Establised November 10, 1961
Capital 54,000,000yen
Officer President Koujyun Itoh
Managing Director Tetsuo Itoh
Director Yoshiko Itoh
Auditor Yuko Satoh
Number of Employees 28
Banks Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Kamimaezu Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Kamimaezu Branch
Okazaki Shinkin Bank. Oike branch
Business line Cutting Tools
Diamond Tools
Machine tool Units
Measuring Equipment
Measuring Instruments
Machine Tools
Environmental Equipment
Main Clients Toyota Industries Corporation
Okuma Corporation
Aichi Steel Corporation


Head Quarters

5-19-5 Chiyoda Naka-Ku,Nagoya-Shi, Aichi-Ken,460-0012,Japan
TEL +81-52-251-7331
FAX +81-52-251-3829

West Tokai office

7-3 niikita konobunakashima Ichinomiya-shi ,Aichi-Ken,494-0007,Japan
TEL +81-586-63-1131
FAX +81-586-63-1133

Company History

October, 1952
start [ reason Yoshio Ito / the Kasuga company ] Private management, Nagoya, he begins to sell a mechanic implement. November, 1961
With the capital of 5 million yen, I found the Kasuga, Inc. company. I also begin sale of metallic mold parts simultaneously.

February, 1968
The trade name was change to KASUGA KOHKI CO., LTD.

June, 1973
I establish associated company FUJI BC ENGINEERING CO., LTD.
I begin import sale of a mechanic implement.

February, 1975
Capital is increased 7,5million yen.

January, 1981
Koujun Ito becomes director president.

May, 1989
Gifu office opens.

Capital is increased 10 million yen.

June, 1990
I introduce CAD and begin drawing service to a customer.

April, 1998
Capital is increased 15 million yen.

August, 1999
I relocate the head office to a my present location.

January, 2004
Capital is increased 48 million yen.

May, 2004
I publish the first corporate bond of 200 million yen.

April, 2009
Gifu office moves to the West Tokai office.

October, 2009
Capital is increased 54 million yen by participation of a Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd.



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